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About Us

Who we are, and why we strive to make the best pepper flake blend on earth!

Who We Are

Red Rock Pepper Co. is a family-owned business based in the beautiful high desert town of Bend, Oregon. Phil and Julie Wise are the founders and run the day-to-day operations, while their two daughters, Paige and Brooke, are also a part of the team helping with production, packaging and tasting new flavors. When they’re not making pepper flakes you can find them hiking, biking and enjoying the outdoors all over Oregon.

Phil and Julie set out to make a better pepper flake years ago after becoming increasingly dissatisfied with regular crushed red pepper. With hard work, a ton of trial and error and hundreds of combinations of peppers they created the Red Rock Blend. This combination had everything. Perfect heat and a fantastic flavor! After making and using the mix personally for years they noticed friends and family members asking for it. Then their friends and family started asking for it, too. After realizing everyone else felt the same way about the mix they decided to bottle and sell it, and the Red Rock Pepper Co. was born. 

Smith Rock - Central Oregon

Better Than Red Pepper Flakes in Every Way!

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We spent years shaking more and more boring red pepper flakes on our food, wishing there was something better. Something hotter. Something with more flavor. Well, we decided to do something about it and that’s how our Red Rock Blend was born!

We set out to find the greatest mix of heat and flavor on earth, sifting through literally hundreds of combinations of peppers. Finally there is a pepper flake mix that has the heat you’ve been craving with unbelievable flavor! Just opening a bottle of Red Rock Blend and smelling it will make your mouth water, we promise!

Toss the old red pepper flakes and switch to Red Rock Blend! Don’t forget to check back for some of our new flavors, including the SmokeHouse blend for grilling and adding to your BBQ rubs, and our Red Rock Taco blend to really spice up taco night!

Our Promise to You

We never add anything artificial to our pepper flake blends and spice mixes. You will always get 100% pure, perfect pepper flakes!


100% Natural

We never add anything to our blends. Just pure, perfect pepper flakes.



Our pepper flake blends are made in the beautiful high desert town of Bend, Oregon.


Perfect Heat

Hotter than regular red pepper flakes, but not so hot you lose flavor.


Amazing Flavor

Red Rock Blend is packed full of incredible chili flavor that will make every dish better!


Bend, Oregon

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