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Welcome to our shop, where you can check out our selection of pepper flake blends and order peppers for yourself, your family and your friends!

Pepper Flake Blends

From our Red Rock Blend and Fine Grind to our Smokehouse Blend, Red Rock Taco and searingly hot Ghost Tree blend (Smokehouse, Ghost and Taco coming soon), we have something for every taste.

Our Ingredients

By far the most popular mix is our Red Rock Blend. This fiery fusion is a combination of habanero, jalapeño, chile de árbol and guajillo peppers that have been dried and crushed to pepper flake perfection. It has a fantastic flavor and the perfect amount of heat for any dish. Better than your boring red pepper flakes in every way! We also like to keep it natural and never add anything but pure, perfect pepper flakes.



Chile de árbol


Gift Boxes & Apparel

Pepper flake gift box sets, Red Rock Pepper Co. branded merchandise, schwag and apparel are coming soon! 


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