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Red Rock Blend – Fine Grind


We took our most popular mix, the Red Rock Blend, and put it through the grinder! This fiery fusion is a combination of habanero, jalapeño, chile de árbol and guajillo peppers that have been dried and ground down to a fine mix. It has a fantastic flavor and the perfect amount of heat for any dish. Excellent in soups and stews, and a perfect additions to any BBQ rub for extra heat! We also keep it natural and never add anything but pure, perfect pepper flakes.

Habanero – Fruity, floral, sweet and hot!
Chile de árbol – Bright, clean, lasting heat.
Jalapeño – Classic, fresh, medium heat.
Guajillo – Sweet, rich, crisp, low heat.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“The Red Rock Blend is phenomenal, I put them on everything! From meats and veggies to pasta and pizza. Never going back to red pepper flakes!!”

- Justin G.

“Love the Red Rock Blend for cooking and BBQing. Perfectly hot :)”

- Julie W.

“These are, hands down, the best pepper flakes I’ve ever tasted. PERFECT amount of heat and unbelievable flavor. I’ll be ordering more!”

- Jason P.